Stephi's Page

♥My Interests♥

...These are some things that i love...
♥Dancing in the rain♥
♥Living in the moment♥
♥horses (especially morgans)♥
♥Oversized sunglasses
♥living with no regrets
♥Driking frappucinos with friends in a small cafe
♥Cherry Cordial Icecream♥
♥audrey hepburn movies
♥getting all dressed up
♥wishing on a falling star
♥intellectual people
♥Memories that will last forever
♥♥The french language(its so romantic)
♥the color pink (especially prettyInPink
♥Feeling rested in the morning (though it barely ever happens♥
♥MyLittlePonys(especially FizzyPop)
♥the fresh air of early morning
♥laughing like no one is listening♥
♥The Carribean
♥writing(though i must admit, i am not very good at it)
♥those special moments that make my heart skip a beat♥
♥knowing that i look good
♥being with friends
♥the feeling of hope
♥feeling daring
♥knowing that i am right
♥Letting lose...feeling free to act as crazy as i want
♥laughing until my stomache hurts
♥stilettoes(i have a slight shoe obsession)
♥never giving in
♥bonfires with friends
♥my friends
♥taking a risk
♥the beach♥
♥Sleeping beneath the stars
♥knowing that someone cares
♥feeling free to act as childish as i want♥
♥swinging from swingsets♥

...These are some things that i dont really like...
♥cotton balls;
♥feeling trapt♥
♥spiders(really, all creepy crawly things...)(especially morgans)♥
♥Feeling out of control
♥feeling bored
♥bad fashion
♥feeling alone
♥living off too little sleep(this happens alot!)♥
♥really bad scary movies( the good ones i love though)
♥a feeling of hopelessness♥
♥green beans♥
♥or onions
♥country music
♥never knowing
♥sales calls
♥those memories that you wish to forget
♥a broken heart♥
♥♥the german language(it's kind of ugly)br> ♥a moment lost
♥a missed opportunity♥
♥hatred(its an ugly concept)
♥Michigan weather♥
♥a dirty home
♥porcelain dolls
♥bad hair days(bad days alltogether)
♥ lose change
♥when people are predictable♥
♥fear of failure
♥feeling confined
♥feeling sad
♥knowing i could have done better♥
♥knowing that he was the one who got away
♥expecting the worse
♥not meeting my own expectations
♥being an insomniac
♥the thought of just being part of the crowd
♥doing the dishes
♥having to wait
♥feeling empty♥
♥not being able to express how i feel
♥the thought of growing older
♥when people judge me without really knowing me♥

i have no idea what is in store for me once i am releasesd from the safety of my high school days...I do know however that my experiences now and in the past have prepared me for what i will face in the future I am ready to take charge of my life and show the world that i am not just your average girl This is ME...
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