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Stephi Anne
"if u ever said u miss me, dont say you never lie.."

17 years old
United States

Last Login: 4/30/2006
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    Stephi Anne's Interests

♥ Jack Johnson
♥ jack johnson
♥ i can make a mess like nobodys business
♥ fall out boy
♥ Bright eyes
♥ matchbook romance
♥ Panic at the Disco
♥ Savage Garden
♥ Augustana
♥ goo goo dolls
♥ smile empty soul
♥ dashboard confessional
♥ hellogoodbye...:
I absolutely love horror movies. However i believe that most of the newer ones are all lame, the best scary movies are usually the classics older ones. I also love classic movies. My favorites include:
♥Dirty Dancing
♥ Sixteen Candles
♥ breakfast at Tiffanys
♥ pretty much anything with audrey hepburn
♥ pride & predjudice
♥ and Lord of the Rings
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Overall, your true self is reserved and logical.

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TelevisionMy absolute favorite tv shows in the entire universe are
♥ The O.C
♥ Desperate Housewives
♥ and GREYS ANATOMY (the best show ever)
♥ i also kinda have a thing for the style chanel.
Books&hearts Lord of the Rings
&hearts the great gatsby
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     Stephi Anne's Details
Body type:5' 6" / Slim / Slender
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Education:High school

   Stephi Anne's Schools
Frankenmuth High School
Graduated: 2006

2004 to 2006
Flushing High School
Graduated: 2006

2002 to 2004

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[When you want to know what i am like all you gotta do is ask]

   Stephi Anne's Blurbs
About me:
my name is Stephanie my friends just call me steph or stephi
*i love cherry cordial ice cream, (even though i am lactose intolerant)
*and red sour patch kids
*i absolutely adore skiing but would really like to learn how to snowboard except im sure id spend the entire time on my ass!
*i could never live without my cell phone
*am a little bit of a neat freek when it comes to my room
*i have a gigantic sweet tooth!
*i love listening to music, though i cant actually play anything...
*i love horror films and
*romance movies make me fall asleep
*im a little shy at first

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This is me

My name is Stephanie Congdon. I go to Frankenmuth High school. This is a page...a story...all about me....<333
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