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Welcome, gossipgirl4631 | Pet : Kiera945 | NP : 10,346  

4:25:19 pm NST

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Welcome to Neopets
Neopets® is the greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet. With your help, we have built a community of over 70 million virtual pet owners across the world! Neopets has many things to offer including over 160 games, trading, auctions, greetings, messaging, and much much more. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

Time To Make the Stew!

New Game!
Sophie's a very busy swamp witch who needs your help to make her elaborate potions without making a mess of things. Try your hand at Sophie's Stew!

Through a mysterious portal in Faerie City, a new world is discovered! You can check out all the new shops and pay a visit to the Altadorian Archivist and the Hall of Heroes.

Read All About It!
If you want to know everything that is going on in Neopia and get all the latest hints and tips, you had better read the Neopian Times!

New Game!
Take control of Florg as he desperately tries to just have a quiet meal to himself in Feed Florg.

Darkest Faerie PS2 Game!
The first ever Neopets video game is on sale now! It is only available on PS2 format, so check with your local game shop to see if they have any copies available!

New Game!
Play the bad guy and help Heermeedjet and Merouladen pull off their devious plan in The Great Qasalan Caper.

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Attack of the - REVENGE!
Snowmuncher - Snow is so yum
Meepit vs. Feepit - FIGHT!

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Latest News!

9th day of Eating, Y8 4:25:19 pm NST

PSP - Petpet Adventures
Check out our new PlayStation® Portable video game Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing™, now available in stores. Click here for details.

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Quick links to your dailies and favourite games, NeoMail alerts, and more! Best of all, it's FREE! Click here to get it now.

Visit Meridell!
What? Never been to Meridell... it's such a fun place (when it's not being attacked by monsters!) Click here to visit!

Neopets T-Shirts
Yes, they are here - check our Online Store for fabulous new Neopets Merchandise!

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Mystery Island


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